viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011


Who would've thought that someone like me
Could've fallen in love so easily
I know that you know that I know what I want
I know I can't have it but give it a thought
I know that it sounds crazy, baby
But all I do is think of you
And it's wearing me out, it's wearing me down
This holiday, is nothing but frowns for me
But I've got a gift, you see
I'm making a list, hell, I'll check it twice
Of all the things you've done in my life
And I'll send it your way
So you see why I love...
Everything you through my way
I know it's hard to say, but it's a crying shame
That I came all this way, with so much to say
But all that came out was "happy holiday"
A home cooked meal and a nice warm bed
Somebody who love a place to lay my head
But I got 30 days and I'm a make them count
Cause I can't call it Christmas without someone to smile about.


Don't think about the future,
it will come.
Just live in the present ,
love a lot.
Forget the past,
don't think about it.
Bad things ,bad were.
Good things were good.


-Kiss me.

-Kiss me !
-You’re so pretty. Kiss me.
+i’m scared.
-You shouldn’t be.
+Why not?
-Nobody will know that if you don’t say anything. Kiss me.
+Okay.I’ll kiss you.
(kisses,kisses & more kisses later..)
-Did you like it?
+Yes, too much.
-I love you.
+Me too.