sábado, 26 de febrero de 2011

Sweet Perfection .

Last night was a killer, was a thriller, was a damn good time. I met a handsome boy and I wanted to make him mine. So I took him for a walk and ,damn ! ,that boy could talk. We talked about all the pretty things, and all the shitty things, and all the little things that fall between. And oh! handsome boy, I know that I just met you, but I might just dare to say that I LOVE YOU. And oh !  sweet perfection ,won't you hear my own confession? I've been lost, but dear I'm found ! I've been looking for a boy that's just like you. You've got words to say ,but no point to prove. You've got me ,and that's enough for you. And boy,I've got you. I've been looking for a heart that's so complete. So satisfated with the little things. I've got you and that's enough for me. Boy, can't you see that you and me could be so free and live happy, so take my hand... And let's run ! 

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